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Roofing Services in Cooper City

Your home is easily one of the most significant investments that you’ll make within your lifetime. With that being said, the maintenance of your roof is a substantial part of being a homeowner. Michael Bange Roofing has been in the industry for many years, servicing customers throughout Cooper City and other South Florida cities. Florida roofs go through a lot of wear and tear, which is part of why we have stayed relevant as roofing contractors in Cooper City for many years.

Our Services

Commercial Roofing – Common commercial roofing issues in Florida usually result from years of exposure to the severe weather conditions that plague our region annually. Asphalt rolls are commonly used for low-slope roofs and are composed of the same materials used to make asphalt shingles. The acrylic coating is applied to various types of roofs and is useful because of its water-tight, seamless, and fully adhered characteristics.

Roofing Contractors Cooper City

Inspections – When one of our professionals comes out to your property in Cooper City, they are looking for specific issues like membrane defects, splits, blistering, and any other ailments. We won’t stop there; we do whatever it takes to keep your roof in top condition for years. Having anyone else besides a professional inspecting your roof is a risk that homeowners shouldn’t make, Michael Bange Roofing can take care of everything for you.

Re-Roofing – After many years of wear and tear on your roof, it may be time to consider a re-roofing. We will look for any signs of moisture, stains, dark spots, etc. to get a better assessment. The materials we use for our re-roofing include shingles, tile, metal, and more. A professional will perform an inspection and then decide which material will work the best.

Michael Bange Roofing

Our team takes every necessary precaution to ensure the integrity of your roof is healthy and able to protect your home continually. Depending on the extent of the damage will determine whether a simple repair or a complete re-roofing is needed. Regardless of what roofing service we provide you with, we guarantee excellent customer service from start to finish.