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Looking for a Roofer in Weston?

If you’re purchasing a home in Weston that was built decades ago or your house just underwent a terrible natural disaster, it may be time to find a reliable roofing company to assist you. Michael Bange Roofing has been servicing clients in South Florida for years with many roofing services. We work every day to continually be the premier roofing company for homeowners in Weston.

Roof Repair WestonOur Services

Preventative Maintenance – Our roofs take the brunt of what mother nature has to offer. Without the right preventative tactics, you’re leaving your roof vulnerable to significant damage. This service is usually set up on a scheduled basis, so the professional can perform inspections to thwart great problems from arising.

Inspections – When one of our professionals comes out to your house in Weston, they are looking for specific issues like membrane defects, splits, blistering, and any other ailments. We won’t stop there; we do whatever it takes to keep your roof in top condition for years. Having anyone else besides a professional inspecting your roof is a risk that homeowners shouldn’t make, Michael Bange Roofing can take care of everything for you.

Re-Roofing – Before we start an outstanding job, we take into consideration the age of the roof, the overall physical state, and whether opting for repairs is the better option. We use many materials in our re-roofing such as shingles, tiles, metal, conventional and modified build-up, and single ply. Our professionals will take a look at your Weston home and decide which material will work best for you.

Michael Bange Roofing

Our work speaks for itself. We have years of experience working with clients and our professionalism, and high-quality work is how we keep them happy and attract new ones. We strive to uphold our quality of work over the next 75 years with expertise, 24-hour service, and outstanding customer service. If you have any more comments, questions, or concerns, please give us a call at (954) 955-7663.