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Need a Roofer in Pompano Beach?

If you’re a Florida resident that is looking for a reliable company to care for your roof, then you should call Michael Bange Roofing. Wherever you are in Pompano Beach, our expert services are available for clients, so they receive the best services every time they give us a call. We specialize in re-roofing, roof repair, corrective and preventative maintenance, inspections, and commercial roofing.

Pompano Beach Roof Repair Our Services

Roof Leaks

After an afternoon sun shower or a torrential downpour, your roof is at risk of a leak all the way through the interior damaging your home. It may happen from a breach in the structure, the flashing not being installed correctly, or a result from insufficient head and backwater laps. Although this is a common issue to come across, it can still be detrimental and should be addressed immediately.

Preventative Maintenance

With the right maintenance plan in place, you can prepare your roof for any possible damage. One of our professionals will travel out to your house in Pompano Beach and perform a thorough inspection to pinpoint any issues that can escalate if not properly cared for.


After many years of wear and tear on your roof, it may be time to consider a re-roofing. We will look for any signs of moisture, stains, dark spots, etc. to get a better assessment. The materials we use for our re-roofing include shingles, tile, metal, and more. A professional will perform an inspection and then decide which material will work the best.

Michael Bange Roofing

Whether you have a new roof that needs minimal maintenance or an older rooftop requiring a full replacement, we can help you. We have been servicing Pompano Beach clients for years for roof leaks, preventative measures, and re-roofing. If you would like to know more, visit our website www.michaelbangeroofing.com or give us a call at (954) 955 – 7663.