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Roofing Services in Wilton Manors

Our roofs don’t last forever; they’re not made to last. However, there are ways to be proactive in elongating the life of your roof with the right company backing you up. Professional Wilton Manors FL roofing companies aren’t hard to find, but attaining ones that are reputable and experienced is a bit more difficult. With Michael Bange Roofing, you’re guaranteed to have every inspection entirely fulfilled, and repaired promptly and professionally.

Our Roofing Services

Wilton Manors FL roofing servicesRoof Repair – If the roof is punctured in any way, big or small, it needs to be corrected immediately. Especially living in an ever-changing tropical climate, the torrential downpour and severe thunderstorms can lead to leaks that cause substantial damage within the structure. Hurricanes and storms cause shingles to blow off as a result of the strong wind; however, it starts from insufficient connective flashing.

Roof Leaks – After an afternoon sun shower or a hurricane blowing through, your roof is at risk of a leak all the way through the interior, ultimately damaging your home. It may happen from a breach in the structure, the flashing not being installed correctly, or a result from insufficient head and backwater laps. Although this is a common issue to come across, it can still be detrimental and should be addressed immediately.

Preventative Maintenance – Our roofs take the impact of what mother nature has to offer. Without the right preventative tactics, you’re leaving the roof of your Wilton Manors home or property vulnerable to significant impairment. This service is usually set up on a scheduled basis, so the professional can perform inspections to hinder excessive problems from arising.

Michael Bange Roofing

Whether you need commercial roofing services, corrective maintenance, or roof repairs in Wilton Manors, Michael Bange Roofing will always have your best interest at heart. We are a second generation roofing contracting company in South Florida that has been servicing customers in Wilton Manors for years. If you want to see what our clients are saying about our work, take a look at our testimonials.