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Preventative Maintenance

Man with clip board checking roof

Roofs take the brunt of what the natural world has to throw at our homes. With this need of a stalwart defender in the way of the roof comes with it an unfortunate reality, it will suffer damage. The continuation of elemental exposure makes this a reality. But, not every giant hole starts out that way, as most accidents occur on a much smaller scale. A small hole here or there, this leads to internal leaks that can reduce the integrity of certain parts of the house. This will create a kind of “Domino Effect” that can ultimately lead to massive damage to your roof.

Worrisome as it may be, the prospect of losing half of your roof, there is a way to stop this from occurring. You may be ready for some preventative maintenance on your roof.

How it is Set Up

Preventative maintenance, usually set up as a recurring detail, with you setting up times during the year an agent will come to your house and perform a thorough inspection. Our professionals will conduct the investigation, making sure to be on the lookout for any potential problem areas. If they come across anything that seems out of place, out of the ordinary or damaged, then you will be notified. After the information has become relayed, you can proceed with scheduling your roof repair.

Why have Preventative Maintenance?

The routine becomes set up for you so that you do not have to remember on your part to schedule an appointment, that is on us. You will also have a continuous checkup taking place, so no issues or problems with your roof will sneak up on you. This can also mean removing any debris that may progress to roof damage as time goes on, like an abundance of branches or leaves, as the added weight can reduce to the integrity of the structure of the roof.Michael Bange Roofing Logo