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Roof Repair

Your roof is one of the most critical parts of your house. This is obvious because without one you would not have a home, you would just be living in a large, odd shaped bowl. But what differentiates it from the other protective surfaces of your house’s exterior, such as your walls and windows, is the amount of punishment your roof takes. The constant smattering of the elements means that your roof is at the forefront of elemental punishment. This says that there will most likely come a time when your roof just cannot take the punishment, and some repair is needed.

Kinds of Roof Repair ServiceMen working on Roof Repair Service

Several issues arise regarding types of roof repairs that may become needed. Here are a few instances in which you will need our professionals to come out and solve your problem.

1. Ponding Water- this is when, due to either poor roof design, or roof breakdowns over time has led to water accumulating and making a pond on your roof. This extra pressure on the roof can lead to extensive roof damage that can lead to a breach to the interior of the house.

2. Roof Leaks- a common enough occurrence, water getting through your roof and leading to interior leaks. This can become the fault of flashing not correctly connected during installation; moisture can also infiltrate the roof and then the home interior as a result of insufficient head laps and backwater laps. It can also become caused by just having a breached roof. Though this may be a standard issue to come across, it is no less a severe problem that needs to be addressed as soon as possible as these leaks can lead to complete roof failure.

3. Puncture- a hole in your roof, no matter the size, is an issue that needs to be rectified as soon as possible. As previously stated, holes in your roof can lead to leaks in your house. This also opens up your home to unwanted, four-legged guests.

4. Roof Shrinkage- shrinkage of the field membrane can cause a pulling of the flashings, and can also cause deterioration to occur.

5. Blow-offs- when seams and flaps open up due to inadequate connective flashing. Severe thunderstorms and hurricanes are the main culprits of this happening. This reduces the overall integrity of the roof and can lead to more extensive damage. Have a professional come out and deal with this issue as soon as possible.Roof Repair Service in South Florida