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Need a Roofer in Plantation?

At Michael Bange Roofing, we pride ourselves on the professional and quality work we perform for customers. No matter how big or small the job, we’re attentive to detail when it comes to practical, affordable, and professional roofing. We have an excess of 75 years in the industry ensuring our clients that they’re receiving expert services. Have a reputable roofing company, like Michael Bange Roofing, that can serve you wherever you are in Plantation.

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Commercial Roofing – Common commercial roofing issues in Florida usually result from years of exposure to extreme weather conditions. Asphalt rolls are commonly used for low-slope roofs and are composed of the same materials used to make asphalt shingles. The acrylic coating is applied to various types of roofs and is useful because of its water-tight, seamless, and fully adhered characteristics.

Roof Repair – If the roof is punctured in any way, big or small, it needs to be corrected immediately. Especially living in an ever-changing climate, the unpredictable rain and thunderstorms can lead to leaks that cause substantial leaks within the structure. Hurricanes and storms induce shingles blowing off because of the strong wind, but it starts from insufficient connective flashing.

Corrective Maintenance – Don’t wait for a detrimental issue to occur before calling a roofing company. Scheduling regular inspections will help alleviate the chance of extensive repairs and outstanding costs. Our professionals will examine the roof, gutters, drains, and overall wall perimeter to be extremely thorough.

Michael Bange Roofing

Whether you need commercial roofing services, corrective maintenance, or roof repairs in Plantation FL, Michael Bange Roofing will always have your back. We are a second generation roofing contracting company in South Florida that has been servicing customers in Plantation for years. If you want to see what our clients are saying about our work, take a look at our testimonials.