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Searching for a Roofer in Sunrise?

If you’re experiencing ponding water or leakage on your roof, it may be time to search for a reputable roofing company for your home in Sunrise. Luckily, Michael Bange Roofing has been servicing South Florida for many years acquiring master skill, outstanding customer service, and unbeatable word-of-mouth within communities. We specialize in roof repairs and replacements in Sunrise, and if you don’t know which assistance you need, we will perform an inspection beforehand to ensure the proper decision making.

Our Roof Repair Services

  1. Sunrise roof repairLeakage – Water leaking into the house and the interior can cause damage no matter the amount. Moisture can intrude through the roof because of faulty flashing, a breached roof, and insufficient head and backwater laps.
  2. Punctures – Regardless of the size of the hole, having a hole in your roof should be taken care of right away. Along with allowing water into your home, you’re at risk of having small critters make their way into the house.
  3. Blow-offs – Connective flashing that’s installed incorrectly can result in blow-offs where the seams and flaps open up and expose the interior. Severe thunderstorms and hurricanes are the main reason for this occurring, and it reduces the integrity of the roof that can potentially lead to more damage.
  4. Ponding Water and Punctures – Due to inadequate roof design or breakdown, ponding water can accumulate and lead to pressure and extensive damage. If not treated, it could breach the inside of the house.

Michael Bange Roofing

We take pride in our work because we’ve acquired our skill and expertise over 75 years of experience. Michael Bange Roofing services several cities across South Florida, including Sunrise, making us accessible from almost everywhere. We are state licensed and insured roofing contractors that have acquired expertise over 75 years. If you have any more questions, comments, or concerns, please give us a call at (954) 955-7663.