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There comes a time when the elements start to take effect on the well-being of a roof. When this occurs, it may be time for you to invest in a re-roofing job. Allow us to share with you the details that go into knowing when it is time, how the professionals get it done, and what you have a roofing option.A roofer from Michael Bange Roofing providing some re-roofing services.

Is It Time for Re-Roofing?

You will want to give your roof a bi-yearly look over just you make sure if it is in need of re-roofing.

How you should go about it

– Inspect the highest parts of your ceiling; this may include going into your attic. You should look for any signs of moisture, stains, dark spots, and light coming through your roof.
– Get on top of your roof to look for signs of wear and tear on gutters, shingles and the roof’s integrity itself. This is usually performed by a professional, as they have a better understanding of what to look for regarding structure damage. Having a professional come out is also safer for you, as this is something they have done before.

Reroof or Replace?

Is your roof is relatively new or in decent shape? If so, it may be wise to save yourself some cash and opt for roof repairs instead of a full-on replacement. If your roof is looking pretty rough or it’s been a few decades, it’s probably time for a replacement.

Roofer putting tiles on roof

Which Roofing Material Should You Use?

The materials we utilize for re-roofing are as follows-
– Shingles
– Tile
– Metal
– Conventional Build Up
– Modified Build Up
– Single Ply

Your best bet to figure out which roof material to go with is to have a professional to take a look. Furthermore, the professional will evaluate your roof damage and establish which element would fit best to your needs.

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