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Different Types of Roofs and Their Benefits

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Different Types of Roofs and Their Benefits

Different Types of Roofs and Their Benefits

Your roof is one of the most important features of your home. When building a new house or renovating the existing one, choosing the right type of roof and its material is quite a challenging task. After all, roofs are not only supposed to protect a house from outside elements, but a roof’s shape plays a vital role in shaping the outlook and style of a home to protect it from extreme weather conditions. Shelters can offer additional living space to your house as well as make it more resilient, weather resistant, and energy efficient.

a man showing one roof material among different types of roofsGable Roof

As one of the most popular roof types in the US, these types of roofs provide additional space for the attic or vaulted ceilings, easily shed water in case of extreme rainfall which is also known pitched or peaked roof. They are triangular.

A Gable roof slopes inward on two sides. They have a pretty simple design and are easy to build. They are made up of almost any type of roofing material like metal, asphalt shingles, clay, concrete tiles, or cedar shakes. There are four types of Gable roofs including Side Gabled, Crossed Gable, Front Gable, and Dutch Gable Roof.

Hip Roofs

A hip roof has slopes in on all four sides which move down to the walls. All four sides are equal in length and meet together at the top to form a ridge. When it comes to stability and rigidity, Hip roofs are comparatively more superior than gable roofs. The inward slope of all four sides makes them more durable and stable. They offer resistance against high wind and the slant of the roof easily sheds snow with no standing water.

Hip roofs also offer extra space for living with an addition of a dormer or a crow’s nest. Hips roofs, just like Gable roofs, are made up any roofing material like shingles, metals, or tiles. There are three major types of Hip Roofs; Simple Hip, Crossed Hip, and Half Hipped.

Mansard Roof

A mansard roof has a double slope on every four sides that together form a low pitched roof. It is also known as a French roof. The lower slope is much sharper and steeper than the upper. It has either flat or curved sides.

Mansard roofs can help provide an extra living space for full attic or quarters. The style of the roof is more aesthetic and appealing & looks like either open or closed dormers. Mansard roofs offer great flexibility and its preferred by people who want to make future home additions.

If you are building a new home, better to start with a simple Mansard roof design which is less expensive and offers excellent additional space, after that, you can add on dormers and tower to it. This will increase the value of a house but also allow homeowners to do specific changes according to their changing needs.

Due to its unique design, Mansard roofs are made of up unique materials like wood or asphalt or slate shingles in a diamond pattern. These roofs are available in various types including silhouettes, straight-angle, convex or concave.

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